About me

Olaf Trapp

Personal strengths in my work:

  • The integration of heart and hands
  • Use of humor as a therapeutic tool
  • Capacity to “hold” clients who have “lost” their sense of ground
  • Exploring the psycho-emotional roots of physical disease
  • Relationship challenges, including sexuality

Olaf Trapp

I was born (1959) and raised in Berlin, Germany. After high school examinations, I needed time to discover my life path. I cancelled my plans to study education and instead took off for a 14 month long trip to Asia and Australia. It was there that I discovered my desire to work therapeutically with my hands. Upon returning to Germany, I trained as a massage therapist and began employment at a psychiatric clinic. This work led me to the discovery that massage was far more than relaxing muscles, I was able to touch and heal the person at deeper levels of wholeness. During the 13 years I worked at this clinic, I continued to advance my professional practice through trainings in Biodynamic massage and Concentrative Movement Therapy.

In 1986 I found a new direction in my practice. Jin Shin Do Acupressure, a particular form of muscular release, fascinated me and impressed me as an effective healing modality. This began an ongoing process of professional and personal development. In 1994 I obtained the teaching license from JSD founder Iona Teaguarden. Since 1995 I have been practicing as a licensed psychotherapist in Germany. This was also the year that my daughter was born.

I began a private practice in 1992 and six years later, I devoted all my professional time to seeing clients as a self-employed practitioner. I live and work in Eschwege, a quaint town in central Germany.

I gained additional professional training at the Northgerman Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (NIBA) during the years from 1994-1999. This body psychotherapeutic training enabled me to have a more profound understanding of the connection between body and soul. Subsequent to my training, I spent 10 years in professional supervision and ongoing education under the leadership of psychologist Dorothea Habbinga, whom I have to thank for my understanding of early childhood disturbances.

I became a training analyst in 2007 and have served on the board of NIBA from 2008-2016. In 2011 I was elected President of the European Federation for Bioenergetic Analysis (EFBA-P), a position that allowed me to represent Bioenergetic Analysis at international congresses and lead workshops in many countries. I’ve enjoyed leading workshops in Greece, Croatia, Poland, Russia, Chile and the USA.